See What Sets Us Apart

We provide our clients with the knowledge and experience necessary to navigate the complicated and often emotional areas in all types of family law matters, from a simple divorce to contested hearings and trials involving custody and complex financial issues.

Our philosophy is that we will help you resolve your case using methods that have a proven track record of working, such as mediation and financial and custody evaluations before embarking on what can be the long, expensive litigation track.  However, we also recognize that there are times when such methods will not work and litigation is the only way to resolve things.  For those cases, we offer significant contested hearing and trial experience.

We represent clients in all central and south central Minnesota counties and in many of Minnesota’s tribal courts as well, with our main office in Princeton and a branch office in Minneapolis.  We make it our goal to keep our clients in the loop by making sure they always know the status of their case and getting back to them promptly.  Additionally, we provide our clients with limited Saturday hours for those clients who find it difficult to meet during the work week.  Give us a call at (651) 336-4006 for a free consultation.