Minnesota Tribal Courts Family Lawyer

There are eleven federally recognized tribes in the state of Minnesota.  Because each of these tribes is sovereign, they each have their own rules, codes and laws.  Most of the tribes in Minnesota have their own court system and hear family matters, such as divorces, custody issues and child welfare matters.  While some of the tribes have laws similar to those of the State of Minnesota, it is important to remember that their laws are created to protect members of the tribe, which can be a problem for a non-member who finds themselves in tribal court.  For example, the child support statues of Minnesota are considerably different than the child support codes of most tribes.  Therefore, a monthly child support obligation can be hundreds of dollars different in a tribal court using the same income information.

If both parties are members of a tribe and wish to have their dispute resolved in tribal court, the court has jurisdiction to hear the matter. Situations which cause more difficulty is when one person is a member and the other one is not, or when one person decides to file an action in state court and the other person files the same action in tribal court.  There are no clear cut answers in some of these cases and it is important to obtain the advice of an attorney who is knowledgeable about family law and tribal courts.

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