Step Parent Adoption

When a stepparent adopts a child, there are legal consequences to the child, the parent adopting the child and the parent giving up their parental rights.  The parent giving up his or her rights will have no future child support obligation and will no longer have any custodial or parenting time rights.  The parent adopting the child will have all the rights and responsibilities to the child just as if he child was their own.

Before a child may be adopted by the stepparent, the parent giving up his rights must either consent to the adoption or his or her rights must be terminated in court.  It is obviously much easier and quicker if the parent giving up his rights signs a consent as any action to terminate parental the rights of a parent who does not want to give them up means that the court must find that this person has abandoned the child or is unfit to be the parent to the child.

Generally it is advisable that the parent and stepparent have been married for a year or more before petitioning the court for a stepparent adoption, although there are certainly situations in which one can be done sooner.    Therefore, it is advisable to consult with a family law attorney who is has experience in this field.

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