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CHIPS (Child in Need of Protection or Services) matters are a part of the juvenile court in Minnesota.  Child protection cases arise when social services become involved with families due to allegations of child neglect, child abuse or truancy.

The actual CHIPS petition can be filed by a private party but most often is filed by a county social services office.  Once the petition has been filed social services is required to conduct an investigation and make a determination whether the allegations are true.

During the time a CHIPS matter is open, the child is usually removed from the home and can be placed with a relative or in a foster home.  The parents will be given a case plan that they must complete before their child can be returned home.  A case plan can consist of many things, including chemical and/or psychological assessments and attending therapy or classes depending on the issues presented.  For example, when there are allegations of neglect due to alcohol or drug addiction, a parent can be required to complete a chemical assessment, a treatment program, aftercare, parenting classes and possibly individual or family therapy.  As the goal of a case plan is to reunify the family, if the parents complete the case plan, the child will be returned, although it is important to know that there are strict timelines for these cases to be completed.

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If the parents do not complete the case plan satisfactorily, the court can transfer permanent custody of the child to someone else, put the child in foster care or in some circumstances, terminate the parent’s rights.

If the child involved is an Indian child as defined by the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA), the case can become much more complicated as the tribe as the right to intervene in the case and become an integral part of any decision making process regarding the temporary and permanent placement of the child.

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